Beginning this year, Colorado Construction Career Day is no longer taking place. Instead, a new High School Mentoring Program ~ Construction Career Connection (CCC) ~ is being rolled out by Associated General Contractors of Colorado. The purpose of the program is to provide information to high school guidance counselors and teachers regarding all of the different construction career pathways in the Denver area. The creation of a manual is the first goal; the navigator team (consisting of a general contractor representative, subcontractor representative and supplier representative) will have interaction with schools and be their guides to more information in the construction industry. The program will roll out in the 2017-2018 academic year with 11 schools that have attended CCCD in the past. Expansion is planned for the 2018-2019 academic year with the addition of up to 11 more schools. AGC is working with Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper on a proclamation to declare October Construction Careers Month. We hope to have plenty of companies available to offer hands on opportunities, job site tours and additional information to interested students.

If you would like to hear more about being involved in the CCC program, please contact Bryan Cook ( or Lisa Seaman ( at AGC.

Colorado Construction Career Days is an industry sponsored event for Junior and Senior high school students, to explore the variety of careers available within construction – design, infrastructure, building trades, architecture, engineering and much more.

Activities will offer students a glimpse of the diversity of careers in the industry. Small groups of students are escorted by construction industry volunteers who serve as a source of information about the business as well as guides to the activities.

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